St. Ailbe's

Enrolment Form

    Note: All forms must be completed in full and returned to the school, along with a Birth Certificate (Parents applying to enrol their child(ren) in the ASD Classes must also return copies of all relevant reports (Psychological, SLT, OT etc.) as per admissions policy).
    Completion of this form does not guarantee your child a place in the school.

    Proof of address is required, e.g. ESB bill, Telephone bill.

    *If you change your mobile number during the school year please inform us immediately as it is vital to keep records up to date in case of an emergency.

    Is the child living with both parents:

    Position of child in family (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc):

    Number of children in the family:

    Did your child attend preschool:

    For how long:

    Has your child ever had a psychological assessment?

    Has your child ever received a speech and language report?

    Please give names, addresses and phone numbers of the people who have permission to collect your child from school. If there is any change in this routine please inform the school in writing.
    Person who usually collects child(ren):

    Parents and legal guardians are entitled to be consulted and informed about their child’s education and are entitled to access to their child during school hours. If there is any change in this regard or if there is any other information which you think may be relevant it is very important that the school is informed immediately.

    School Emergencies/Sickness/Unexpected Closures, etc.
    The following information will be used by the school in the event of:
    Your child feeling sick
    An emergency occurring while the school is in operation, making it necessary to close the school. In such an emergency, it is advisable to ensure the safe return home of pupils
    An unexpected closure of the school.

    If my child gets sick, or the school has to close unexpectedly, etc and there is no one at home/the school is unable to contact me, please provide the name, telephone number and address of two other people you nominate for us to contact. We will ask this person to come and collect your child/children.
    Person the school will contact:

    Medical Emergency/Accident
    That in the event of an emergency or accident, a member of staff will use his/her discretion and bring your child to a Doctor/Hospital. Every effort will be made to contact you.
    I authorise that at their discretion a member of staff may bring my child/children to a Doctor/Hospital if an emergency arises.

    Family Doctor (Only if you wish)

    I consent to my child’s participation in the RSE Programme

    I consent to my child’s participation in the Stay Safe Programme

    Screening Tests are carried out in the school on all children from Infants to 6th Class. I allow my child to do these tests.

    During your child’s time in St Ailbe’s N.S. it may be necessary from time-to-time for teachers to carry out diagnostic testing with your child on an individual basis in order to help them in their educational development. I give permission for any necessary diagnostic tests to be carried out with my child.

    I give permission to allow my child to attend the SET teacher if deemed necessary.

    I give permission to allow my child’s photograph/image to be included in school-related activities, competitions etc. Pictures may be published on the School website and Facebook page.

    I give permission to allow my family details (name, address, date of birth, etc.) to be given to agencies such as HSE (school nurse, doctor, dentist), etc.

    I acknowledge that I have received, read and accepted the School General Policy, Code of Behaviour, Anti-Bullying Policy, Substance Use Policy, Internet Use Policy and RSE Policy of St Ailbe’s N.S.Having discussed and explained same with my child and I agree to abide by same.

    I declare the above information to be correct and understand that it will be treated as confidential.

    Please ensure that you have included a Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate (if your child was Baptised) with this form. These documents will be photocopied and returned to you.

    To be completed if your child is transferring from another Primary School

    Previous School:

    Have you enclosed a copy of the most recent school report and attendance record?
    N.B. All forms: must be completed in full and returned to the school before a new pupil will be enrolled in the school. Proof of address must accompany application.
    General School Policy and Code of Behaviour
    Internet Permission Form
    RSE Policy Consent Form
    Substance Use Policy Consent Form
    Medical Form
    Enrolment Application Form
    Birth Certificate
    Note: We require reports from previous schools in order to meet the needs of your child.