Welcome to St. Ailbe's NS


Welcome to our website!

St Ailbe’s National School is located in Emly, Co Tipperary. It caters for boys and girls from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. We also have 3 special classes focused on catering for children with Autism. Our school is an all-inclusive school where every child is valued and welcome.

We are involved in a range of extra curricular activities like sports, drama and music.

St Ailbe’s National School has grown significantly in recent years.

We endeavour to foster a caring environment where all children’s strengths and talents are recognised and cultivated.

Enjoy our website, we hope it gives you a positive insight into day to day life here in St. Ailbe’s.

Mainstream Class Enrolment

St. Ailbe's are now enrolling for mainstream classes.
To apply simply fill in our online Enrolment Form or download the form from our Downloads page.

School Calendar

School Re-opening
31st August 2023
October Mid-Term
30th October- 3rd November 2023
Christmas Holidays
22nd December (half day) to 8th January 2024
February Mid-Term
15th and 16th February
Easter Holidays
22nd March (half day)- 8th April
Summer Holidays
21st June (half day)

Our Latest News

Yoga with Realtai

Yoga with first and second class We love Thursdays when 1st and 2nd class come and join us for yoga. Everyone joins in as we get relaxed doing our poses. Enjoy looking at all our poses maybe you can join them at home.

Ronda’s Four Freedoms

Ronda’s Four Freedoms

In St. Ailbe's NS, we pride ourselves on having a child-centred approach to teaching and learning. Ronda's Four Freedoms is a great way of summing up how we aim to encourage our pupils to be independent learners. See our photos of our display outlining the Four...