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6th Class
All children utilise the Edmodo app to engage in digital learning daily. Edmodo has both a student and parent app that is easily accessible with password from the class teacher. The parent and student apps are linked and ensures that teachers, children and parents are connected with communication sent regularly from the classroom. Children are regularly assigned online assignments through Edmodo designed by their teacher.

All children use the school’s 20 iPads to add to their online portfolios and engage in suitable apps chosen by their teacher. A bank of laptops are utilised every day for typing, browsing, researching topics,creating powerpoints or accessing pallets created for investigative research. All children are proficient in typing, saving documents and uploading documents to their online portfolios.

The spelling programme Spellings For Me gives each child access to their individual accounts for trembly spelling assessment and spelling lists. Daily use of iPads gives all children opportunities to experience different learning methodologies. Kahoot is always a great hit.

Latest News


Our class have embraced the Give part of 5 ways to well-being this week.. we wrote and gave compliments, we gave our time at home, we contributed to a local fundraiser and raised €83 for the hospice for local man JP Walsh who is running 200km in 20 days. Finally we...


The schools’ Well-being initiative is underway in every class for the month of September. We have been CONNECTING with friends and family through phone calls, text messages, playing in the yard, getting to know others and sending postcards. Children in sixth class...

Working with clay

Working with clay

We had great fun experimenting with clay. We are really enjoying learning about the Stone Age period in Irish history. So we imagined we were children in Neolithic Ireland, tasked with making pots while parents were hunting or taking care of animals.

6th Class News

6th Class News

Everyone is hard at work exploring new and exciting the themes in class. Our first theme for this year is the Stone Age. So far we’ve looked at Mesolithic Hunter gatherers and moved onto Neolithic farmers. We linked in with Art and drew the Megalithic tombs found in...

Final Week

Great fun was had by all children in the final week of school in June this year. An End of Year project by all children based on the theme of Ancient Egypt was completed. The children used their literacy skills in Report writing, editing, summarising and determining...