Green Schools

Green Schools

St. Ailbe’s National School is proud to be a Green School.

Ms. Kelly is working with the Green Schools Committe to earn accreditation for yet another flag to add to our collection!

Step 1 – Our Green schools commitee is made up with representatives from senior infants and up. Aisling, Annemarie and Ms Kelly are our staff representatives. 

Previous Achievements

  • Flag 1  Litter and Waste 
  • Flag 2 Energy 
  • Flag 3 Water 
  • Flag 4 Travel 
  • Flag 5 Biodiversity 

What we do:

As well as our committee members, all the pupils contribute in different ways throughout the school. We teach our pupils about recycling, reduction of waste, energy conservation, climate preservation, all as part of being a Global Citizen.

Green School Police!!

The green school committee along with Miss Kelly took time out today to call in on each class to discuss the bins in the school .We have 3 bins in each room for recycling, food and waste. It was explained to all what actually goes into the bins so hopefully it will be carried out properly but our Green School Police will keep a close eye on this . We need to reduce , reuse and recycle.👍👮‍♀️


Please have a look below at some recent photos of the great work being done!