Final Week

Great fun was had by all children in the final week of school in June this year.

An End of Year project by all children based on the theme of Ancient Egypt was completed. The children used their literacy skills in Report writing, editing, summarising and determining importance to write and type projects. The each completed art pieces at home, supported by their parents. The home- school link is valued and recognised and provided a wonderful opportunity to step away from devices and GET CREATIVE. This falls in line with our 5 Ways to Wellbeing using CONNECT and Be active and Creative. All children presented their projects to each class outside and answered any questions. Great excitement was evident and it provided everyone with the perfect start to a very busy week.

Wednesday and Thursday brought everyone to our Wellbeing Festival. So much fun was had by all children engaging in tag rugby, Ballyhoura outdoor activities, tennis, dancing, art workshops working with clay and painting, making chocolate biscuit cakes and silent discos. Even the ice-cream man made a welcome visit. Check out our the video of our busy week