World War Two

January was a busy month for 6th class. The theme chosen was world war 2 and the children certainly embraced it. We started with geography, locating Germany and Poland in Europe.. we explored the timeline of key events and researched using teacher chosen websites. Our classroom boasted displays on concentration camps, Anne Frank, leaders and dictators. We used our new comprehension skill of determining importance to investigate what prompted Adolf Hitler to become the man we all know him to be. We looked at Annes diary, read her inspirational words and used them in our mindful wellbeing activities for Wise Words Wednesday. We used the theme to create some beautiful art about the Blitz. We read about Rose Blanche, explored the Mozart Question and read the picture book about Anne Frank. We wrote cinquain poems and finally topped it all off with our research projects. Working in groups or individually, each child either remotely or in class contributed to a class project. Our work is now proudly displayed in our school.